A Long Time Favorite!

For any people who have yet to visit Literotica, you are missing a wonderful collection of stories by some very talented writers. Some are fiction and some are real accounts. But no matter the source, a talented writer can take us with them.

For me,the idea for my screen name came from Literotica.

Take some time out and enjoy yourself with a visit!
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4 Responses May 13, 2012

I have been reading Literotica stories for a long time too....shame they don't have a bisexual section for me to read

Is there one story that you like more that another?
Could you pick out one and send me the link?


In general, I enjoy stories where the husband or bf share their wife with a friend. True stories and those written by women are the best!

If I come across a standout, I will share it with you.

Thank you

Thanks for the info and invite.

Any tips on good stories or authors? :)

I like the stories about real life experiences. When the author shares the thoughts and pleasures you rarely here as the partner.

Lots of talented writers there. But sometimes you may have to suffer a few paragraphs.

Thinking about sharing some of your works?

I tried uploading my stories on Literotica but they are were strict with their rules about how a story should look like (layout not content!) and most of my stories are too short to get accepted anyhow :/