Literotica Was My Childhood Education

I think I got a lot of my ideas about sex and various fetishes through Literotica, I used to read it when I was very young.

We had a no closed doors policy in our house, so when mom was home I never wanted to get caught looking at ****. So I used to read Literotica stories because with the white page it just looked like I was researching some homework or reading some normal articles.

I'd of course get turned on, and tuck my erection up into the waist band of my shorts. Then eventually go to the bathroom to jerk off quickly, usually only lasting 10 strokes by then, maybe less.

I remember one time I was reading such a hot story, and the waist band was rubbing my ****, I was so turned on and my **** was throbbing, so lost in the story I didnt hear my mom walk into the room. I turned around when she said something and the waist band rubbed against the head of my **** and I just came right there in total shock.

I have no idea what my mom wanted or if she knew what had just happened, but I just couldnt stop myself from having an ****** and ******* with her standing about a meter away from me. It I was a total mess in my shorts.

It's so weird knowing my mom watched me ***, but like I said, I dont know if she knew.

Embarrassing huh?

But yeah, I still love the site, I should read it more often.
A1pha A1pha
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2 Responses Jan 17, 2013

Extraordinary! Strange how parents (and family) know so little about one's sex life and fantasies

what's the site, then?