It Is Ok to Be a Little Crazy

Sometimes, I do things that are really, really crazy. Sometimes they are things that are just a little crazy. Some people I know call me crazy, in a bad way, and some people I don't know say it, too. I am not certifiably crazy and my friends don't think I am. They only joke about it. I'm just really rowdy and loud. But even if I am bit crazy thats OK with me because I think it is normal to be a little crazy.
teenanonymous teenanonymous
18-21, F
3 Responses Jul 25, 2007

like how are you crazy

Yupp :) It is nice to be crazy. Not like psychopath crazy but just a bit monkey crazy... It is fun :D hehehe

Well, I must say that you sound like a fun sort of crazy... everyone needs someone with a little dash of that around. And besides, do "sane" people *look* like they're having more fun? I don't think so! :D