He's Comming.

When I lived in the house that i previously did I seen things, and heard things. like things that no one else did. and i moved from there about a year ago. the sightings and voices/noises stopped at about 12 so i thought it was just a little kid thing and that i was just imagining it. i am now 16 and the other night it came back. i seen him again. he tells me to go with him but i don't say anything because  i'm afraid of what he might do. my mom found out that i see him and hear him, and she thought i was on drugs, but i took the text and i was clean. except for my THC which is never in check anyway. She thinks I'm paranoia schizophrenic meaning that i see and hear thing that aren't there. but i'm not. they are real. like id know if i was trippin' out and i'm not. i want it to just go away so that i don't have to go to an insane asylum.

iloveyoubaby iloveyoubaby
18-21, F
Feb 17, 2010