"gently Raped By The Light Of Day"

The sun rises and wakes me each morning, offering another day of a life, yet driving another fatal stake through my heart and soul as I laid there in my most peaceful moment. Everything about me and my world, all it’s clarity, colors, sounds, people, contact, love, feelings, the reality of bringing it all together where otherwise it could not, gets “gently raped by the light of day.” My eyes open to a world that’s so different and I have to lay there for a while to let my eyes adjust, let my heart and soul adjust to the change in setting and circumstance and that the day will be less pretty from there on out, with the exception of a few special people, animals, and possessions. Even then, some of my best friends are people I’ve never met, but hold extremely valuable places in my heart, which is quite an accomplishment if they seriously, and I mean seriously knew me, I picked my animals so they had no choice and I keep feeding them and loving on them, and I only have a few possessions that I really love anymore, my camaro and my guitar, anything that I’ve ever loved in the past I’ve lost or had to give up. The same can be said for people.
I do the best I can to get through the day and try my best to be the best me that day. It’s not an easy task. There’s more secret passages and booby traps throughout this labyrinth of a mind than even I know of, and other footsteps, yet each day I run through it trying to get each of my duties done.
At last, after all is done, I run back to my retreat and let out a sigh of relief that I made it through and the world will just, aaahhh, just let me “be.”
JustAFriendlyNinjaKiss JustAFriendlyNinjaKiss
22-25, M
Sep 19, 2012