Somehow You're Always A Girl

I don't feel anybody should feel any shame in admitting elements of their 'inner girl' are still present and correct in your adult life because we all use the different parts of our experiences in dealing with situations as adults. You may use your skills at play to entertain children either professionally as an entertainer or in other work where children need to kept busy while the grown ups deal with grown up stuff..
You may still get a buzz from completing sticker albums, makingĀ  scrapbooks watching 'child centred' movies and so on but it's no crime and sure doesn't mean you opt out of your adult responsibilities paying your way.
I have plushies and teddies I treasure and at the same time have handled big responsibilities for organizations with glowing testimonials for the quality of work I did.
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3 Responses Aug 3, 2011

I agree but unfortunately in our society it is somewhat looked down upon to admit this....that's why I like having EP as a safe place where no one can judge me and I can find people to relate to like you...thanks for your story!

Exactly. Responsibility is the key thing in what you do not some artificial division between child and adult.

I gave all my plushies and teddies to my daughter( or more to the point she commandeered them :p). Now she wants to keep them for her children.