Mini Me

I think no matter how old we are, there is the little child in us. We always need to opportunity to play, whatever our idea of play is. We always need some time for coddling, and cuddling.

These days, I do love to be brought breakfast in bed, or when I am sick I like to be brought soup or ginger ale. I also feel the desire to be running outdoors when the Spring weather hits, or to have the day off for my birthday. Neither of which is always possible as an adult.

Although I must handle responsibilities, I know the little girl inside me. The child who likes to pick flowers and search for salamanders and climb trees, and fingerpaint. I know when I am indulging her emotionally, too. And sometimes I am wrong, and I know it, but sometimes she wins. Good for her! I still need her to be a part of me. Silly and blurting and sometimes could I hold the kind of deep compassion I do without her?

StormyLlewellyn StormyLlewellyn
41-45, F
1 Response Feb 21, 2009

Love your story. Thanks for sharing it.