The Watchers

The Watchers are after me. They crave my fear. Sometimes I hear them coming in the door and making noises. You’ll even catch one scurry through the hall occasionally.

I pretend to ignore it but I can’t help but fear that they will soon get me.

The smell of blood scares them off. A little bloodshed never hurt anyone. Ancient civilizations used to think they could bleed patients back to health- bloodletting. There is something rather smart about that.

Sometimes, on the darkest nights, they are in the house. I can’t sleep on those nights. If I do, they are sure to get me.
I don’t know why the Watchers take such an interest in me; maybe because I have so much to lose.

elena918 elena918
18-21, F
2 Responses Nov 14, 2011

Thank you, I think a lot of my stories turn out like that. I loved your dark friend story as well. You seem to have a much closer relationship with your dark friend than I do with the watchers, though. I hope you get better too! Hopefully this won't go on forever. Maybe eventually they'll leave us alone.

Beautiful story it almost read like a poem, don't know if you were going for that. I don't know if your watchers know my "dark friend" but they sound alot alike, and im sorry to hear that. Hope you feel better.