i am quite morbid...i have dark, disturbing thoughts all the time and they can get pretty horrific. i have dreams that are kind of like the horrors of silent hill if you have ever played the games or seen the movie...strange creatures trying to kill me, demon puppets on fire, that kind of stuff

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I love that type of stuff. Silent Hill-like. I've only seen the movie and it was awhile ago, but I fell in love with how things looked. The bodies that are warped and twisted are my favorite, from what I remember. I had completely forgotten about all this until now.

your experience is like a breath of fresh air. i've had silent-hill 'esque dreams as well, especially concerning "pyramid head". but that's probably just because he's awesome...

PS I see your avatar is named LEX. Do you know Lex Luthor.? He used to work for us until this butthead in leotards flew in and beat him up. oh well.

A little Morbid? When I traveled to the planet Morb, all the Morbits were huge. In fact, they all weighed well over five hundred pounds. I think it has something to do with the gravity there. How long have you been on earth? I came here with Dr. Frank N Furter, from the planet Transexual in the galaxy of Transylvania over thirty years ago. We specialize in brain chip implantation. We are looking for some Morbits who want to work with us. If you would be interested in the job send me a lot of money and SASE. Allow ten working days for me to make up an alibi and move.

I would like to read more from you about this experience. What you think about it? How you feel about it? Do you have/want somone to talk to about this? You can talk to me anytime if you want. :)