D: Ddo Elttil A Ma I , Sey.

yeah, I am, But I like this way. The one thing that I am proud of my self is that I think in my own way. I don't believe or follow any thinking unless I feel it from inside of me.
Some of my friends have said to me that I am an Alien. lol :D. Yup, they have said it to me. :D. In fact a person online (who I never met in real), post a pic of Alien and said this is you. Lol. He was just kidding. My family and friends accept the way I think or do things. And most important I like the way I am.
Let me let you what happened yesterday. I was talking to my friend about a place where we want to go in a road trip. He was saying that if we go in winters then there will be snow. I said "wow". Then he said there will be too much cold and sometimes all the routes get stuck due to snow and people stuck there for days. I had an expression of excitement (with a laugh which i can't control). I said that it will be more fun. Then he said to my 2nd friend in his native language: " yeh bavala ho gaya hai". (That’s a popular dialogue). It means he is getting mad. :D

PS: I am not that good in English. Sorry if there are any mistakes.
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26-30, M
Jul 27, 2010