Misplaced Perhaps

Heard of May-December relationships? Am in one - didn't matter at first, but now am mid-60s and she is nearing 81. Amazing how one's feelings can change over a couple of decades.
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Back a while ago.... when I was in my 30's and 40's I "spent time" with a couple older ladies. It was fun but always liked them younger.

I was 40 when I met a woman of 68.... The sex was fantastic,and like me she was bisexual so we had some wonderful years together

Ok I'm old too almost 70. Let me tell you sex is still very good. Maybe it's that special bond our hearts have that makes it so good

How old were you when you met;how old easy she?

I was 40 and she was 53 or so.

So you've been together a long time.
That's wonderful-but I wonder did you talk about how things would change as the years went by. Or did it never come up as you didn't feel it would change how you felt?

We didn't discuss that at all; it wouldn't have mattered, because I knew I would never betray or hurt her in any way, so whatever was to be would be.

I am on the other side of that one, oh well

What do you find attractive about her?

Are you saying she wants a younger guy? ;) Just kidding...

Not saying that, but I do tease her about it. She is an original "cougar" I guess.

I still love her; she is different now as one would expect of an octogenarian, but still she is my love.

It is different with age, different desires,
and mature enough to say so. The clock is ticking, find your desires and live them.

actually, 70 now, but the age gap is more noticeable at this stage than it was 30 years ago