The Old Cemetary

I enjoy taking photos of pretty much anything, but especially landscapes and trees, or anything old. I also keep my camera in the car with me at all times, and often take drives to unwind a lil from stress at the office.
On this day I took a familiar route into the foothills near my work and found myself stopped on the side of the Highway at a very old and small cemetary with a rought iron fence around it. The cemetary was on a small hill overlooking a small valley with a river running through it, so I thought this would make for some cool pics. I grabbed my camera and proceeded through the chained black decorative gate that was unlocked for some reason.
As I removed the lens cap off my camera, and started to scan the headstones for a good shot but at the same time I felt a very odd feeling come across me. I was instantly very uncomfortable. Now I'm not all about the paranormal b/s! but I do believe in the spiritual realm but at this point was just trying to get my thoughts straight. I really wanted to take a couple pics of these really old headstones. Most were from the late 1700's and early 1800's but I really felt like I was being glared at. I even asked myself, "I'm not doing something wrong, am I?" Continuing to feel this weird vibe, I lowered my camera and walked around looking at the various names and dates. It didn't take long to reach the back fence and I took one pic of the bluff totally outside the cemetary. I remember walking back through the cemetary between the rows of plots making my way back towards the gate. I still felt like there were others there lookin at me, and a huge feeling of I'm not supposed to be here. It was almost like I was stepping through a crowd that all were focussed on me and wanted me gone. So I respectfully made my way back, almost wanting to verbally say something like "Excuse me", or "Sorry for the intrusion". I won't forget that feeling. I simply walked out the gate, placed the chain in the same position it was in when I entered, and got in my car and drove off...One of the weirdest days ever for me... I still pass this cemetary every now and again, and every time, I do so with a new found respect and see it in a different light.
I don't have a clue why, but I do...
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I have had similar experiences in mausoleums along with an overwhelming desire to vacate the premises ASAP. Very hard to describe the feelings other than to say there was an overall feeling of stifling heaviness and like you, it was instant relief once outside.

I know the feeling. There was an old Hawaiian church behind our home on Maui that I used to visit often. With our house being part of a World War II convalescent home, there were many from the war buried there, but off in the corner was a special spot for locals who were buried long before. I used to sit there and study the headstones for hours before slowly walking away. The other kids around me thought I was nuts. lol