I live an odd life, I'm a working artist so I have no structure - eat, sleep and play as I wish. In my world, it is the 'normal' who seem a bit odd, haha!
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thats pretty much how i live....(as you can see) its 3:20 AM and im up and about . I work as a social worker for troubled teens & youth, & mistreated women/children. I do my work usually at night for runaway or occasional suicide attempts .

I never thought of an artist feeling like an oddball sorta person, but thats what it feels like at times, simply because the whole world sleeps while you work and play

Most artist friends are like I am - for the most part we live outside societies norms - we are lone wolfs and walk to the beat of a different drummer. We are the definition of odd!
BTW, much respect and many thanks for what you do. We need more of you out there. Karma for karma too my brother, you have many points! it's a special thing you do, my respect.

It's great that you can do what you love for a living!

I am very lucky. It's a hard struggle at times, but I know no other way, so it is life as I live it. I think a life without safety nets would unnerve most of the people who think they would love a life like mine. But the truth is, following a dream is a trade-off. For me, there is no choice)))