Of Course I'm Odd

I love being a little "off ". Actually it's been my experience that everybody is weird. You just don't see it in most people because you don't get close enough. I prefer to use the word "eccentric" for myself because it's a happy word. Unfortunately the words 'odd' and 'weird' bring to mind too many creepy images these days. But hey, overthinking about the words 'odd' and 'weird' fall right into my eccentricity. I say embrace your oddness, just imagine if we were all alike. All of our little quirks are the best part of being human. I like my friends quirks even when I can't even pretend to understand them. We're all crazy. Just different flavors of it. And I love a good mix of flavors. Enjoy being you because if you don't, who will?
bvb1123 bvb1123
41-45, M
1 Response Feb 14, 2010

That is really true. People don't get close enough to see the odd side .. lolol .. you're right though we all have something different about us. i don't mind it either. It does make people more interesting. We all need to live an let live.. so let our freak flags fly .. hahahaha :) You're acceptance is good .. unconditional love :)