I Am A Little Different Than Most People.

I am a bisexual and a guy. I learned in school that there are a lot of girl bisexuals. They go through va phase of being bisexual that lasts as long as their in college or university, then they go out in the work world and live their lives as a straight person. Me, I come from a world where their are only a few of us around, and most guy bisexuals turn homosexual. I have always thought I was a lil different. I love the looks of a nice young woman around 18-30 years old, but I also like the looks of a nice young gay man from the ages 18-45 years old. I do not remember ever being different, like being a homo or straight.

I also enjoy wearing girls clothes. In the summer I will move to an apartment and live by myself. I have been buying lots of new girls clothes for my move.

It will be hard to find a women who will accept my cross dressing at my place, but I have joined a gay, lesbian bisexual and transgender group at school, who meet for real for movies dances carioke and bowling , and movie nights. I am hoping to meet people like myself who are different. Maybe we can become friends. It is not easy being bisexual. They say we spend too much time pondering things, trying to get the big picture.

sisypwimp sisypwimp
41-45, M
Feb 17, 2010