Love To Watch A Man Beaten

When I was a freshman, I was flat as a board. I was also very shy and awkward. The boys didn't want to have anything to do with me, to say the least!

There was one boy who liked me, though. His name was Harold and he was probably the biggest dweeb in school, and he must have assumed that I would be interested in him just because I was so unpopular. I'm ashamed now to admit that he was right! We dated for a couple of years, told each other that we loved each other, and I even lost my virginity to him. He was pretty certain we were going to get married, and I guess I kind of assumed that as well.

Of course I lusted after the jocks, the football players especially. But what could I do? They all were dating cheerleaders and other girls who were way hot. I didn't have a chance.

By junior year, however, that changed. I had begun to blossom. Over the summer my breasts began to come in, and by the next year, they actually became quite large. I was actually beginning to receive lots of attention from some of the real tough guys at my school, and I loved it! They would whistle and make disgusting comments... but having been practically invisible for so many years, it was just wonderful!

I knew Harold hated it... I mean, he loved my new breasts, of course, but he hated that suddenly there was some competition for me. I think he knew that he would not be able to keep me.

There was this boy - Jeff - who especially seemed taken by me. I heard later that he was constantly bragging to all of his friends about how he was going to **** me some day. Understand, Jeff is way strong. He's always lifting weights and he has this real cocksure attitude about him. He's probably been with half the girls in the school.

One day, Jeff confronted Harold in the hall and told him his girlfriend's rack was too big for a dweeb like him. My heart was beating very fast. Harold got mad and tried to talk back, but Jeff just cut him off and gave him a smack across the face.

My breathing got very shallow at that point. I took a step back. I felt like I was hyper-aware. I used to never think anyone could describe it, but I think several stories on your blog capture that feeling perfectly. It was like suddenly everything else disappeared except the three of us, nothing else mattered. It is not an understatement to say that it was the most aroused I had ever been, up to that point.

Before I knew it, Harold was on the floor with a bleeding nose. Jeff had punched him! It was like, seeing Harold lying on the floor was symbolic for my former self. That was who I was. But I was a woman now.

He kept on beating Harold, to the amusement of several people who had stopped in the hall. The people who were watching were the popular people, the beautiful people. Harold was the loser. This was so important for me. Before, I would have been one of the losers, but now I was with the popular crowd. They all laughed and teased as Harold was beaten, and I joined along! He cried and looked at me for some sympathy, and that pathetic look on his face was priceless. I laughed at him and told him he was too much of a weakling for me. I said it loud enough for everyone to hear, and I got several nods of approval from them, boys and girls alike.

Since that experience, I am pleased to say that. I have only dated the best looking, strongest boys in my school and I'm only friends with girls who are at least as good looking as me. I don't give losers the time of day, certainly not Harold.

It is so wonderful being this way and I thank God everyday that he made me the beautiful woman I am.
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wouldnt be wonderful to lure harald one last time only to have someone beat the **** out of him again. it would such a cruel evil betrayal. luring him back again only to get beaten up again as you stand over him and tell him what a looser he is.

My kinda girl. Good to see Darwin was right lol.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so what ever happened to harold sweet? how did he take you dumping him?

HAHA WHAT DID YOU DO when he cried? also where is he now adays? sucking ****? lol

Great story ; accepting who we are and what our standing is in society is an important part of life. I think many submissive guys become so accustomed to being humiliated by women that , perhaps as a defense mechanism , they eventually start to get off on it. One thing I can tell you is that when I was bullied in school , girls who tried to console me and say nice things to make me feel better ended up actually making me feel worse than the ones who laughed at me - and not because I'm turned on by humiliation , because I wasn't in those days. The evolution of becoming submissive was , for me , a journey from being humiliated against my will to growing up and becoming an alpha male , then discovering I was actually happier being submissive and ultimately returning to being a wimp - this time by choice. I don't think it's a coincidence that many submissive guys are actually powerful , successful CEO's , etc. by day. It serves no purpose to be strong and powerful if you have no one to make you feel small , weak and insignificant from time to time.

In infants school, I was bullied for my fuzzy red hair, freckles & big ears

Then I became a champ MMA teamster

The bullying stopped

Actually, even before I determinedly studied MMA, my older cousins were cadets in all the Armed Forces & my dad had boxed well in his youth, so I learnt enough to knock folk out with 1 blow, 3 times, in primary school

I'll be 65 in 6 months, but still go to gym 4 times a week

Last summer, when 9 lads ran past me by the local college & one stole my cowboy hat, I challenged all 9 to come fight if they thought they were tuff enuff

They brought the hat back

As for regaling ya with the Armageddon prophecies of Joel 3, Zechariah 14 & Revelation 16, those keen can C&P each reference, in turn, to search @

"Let God arise & let His enemies be scattered: let all who hate Him flee before Him"


Jseus is Prince of of Peace partly cuz, 'a fire goes out before Him to burn up all His enemies"

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