Today a man came to my house seeking help. He said he had a diesease or something..cant remember what it was. He asked me if I could spare some money.I refused. I was in a bad mood and even if I wasnt I would still refuse. Then he asked if I could spare him some food. I asked what would he like to eat. He said anything would be fine. So I asked my house keeper to get him something from a diner. He waited outside my home. I was having tea and asked him if he would like to have some
he said his doctor told him not to have tea. Later on my dad asked me to come inside. After a while I went back to check on that man. He left. I asked my house keeper about the man. He said the man left to with the food to eat at a diner.

Moronicjester Moronicjester
18-21, M
Dec 12, 2012