"you'll Never Walk Alone"

But I do walk alone, unfortunately. I am in the US and not many people here are familiar with the EPL or any soccer outside of the world cup. I wish I were around other soccer fans, I think it would be so fun to watch a good match and a bar with lots of other people. Where I live, people only care about baseball and football (the American kind of football), but I just can't get into those sports. They both are slow, boring games involving fat men in tight pants. I'm such a sports outcast!! I want to visit England one day and watch a game at Anfield, that's my dream!
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US Liverpool FC fan here. Bought my tickets to the Baltimore game already. Have you?

I have to agree with Eve, here's hoping for a revival of Liverpool's fortunes - even though I am actually an Arsenal fan.<br />
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It is tough living in a country where football (soccer), the world's MOST popular sport, is neither understood nor the #1 sport. Thank heaven for satellite TV. Best of luck visiting Anfield to watch a game - seeing a live game is such an awesome event and I always make sure to try an get a game in, ANY game, whenever I am in England.

What do you think of the new American owners of Liverpool? <br />
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I did business with John Henry years ago in Florida, and watched him rise to a bit time sport owner. I think he'll do well for your club, and get them on solid financial ground.