The Power Of The Lord

Yes I am a living testimony to the power of the Lord. When I was down and out, so lonely and afraid of what would become of me, He was watching over me and when it was time He picked me up and comforted me. He protected me. I hated life, I hated my 2 uncles who sexually abused me, I hated the world. I was an alcoholic, a drug addict, and a vile sinner. The Lord knew this but he also knew me, the real me. He knew me the way no one on this earth ever could. He loved me the way no one in this world ever would.

I used to have my head shaved, had an earring in my lip and one in my eyebrow. Loved to party and get drunk and stoned whenever I could.

I have repented and been baptized by full immersion and have had the Holy Spirit for some time now. The moment I came up out of the waters, my life changed instantly. I truly forgave my uncles, was cured of addiction ( though later went back there for a short time), healed of leg cramps, had no more hatetred, took time to smell the roses (literally), am at uni, have a young son ( which I thought I could never have children), love life and can say I truly feel loved. Praise the Lord because through His power I have a life worth living.

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3 Responses Mar 12, 2010

Praise the good Lord indeed for all he has done in our lives and others.<br />
No one could ever love me the way he does with no conditions. <br />

Thanks for your comment. <br />
I believe all christians have strong testomonies.<br />
Sometimes we may not think so when we tell it, but I'm sure the Lord is smiling when we do.

Yes that is a Testimony a strong one, beautiful and stay strong!