Howling Pain

I have always been a lone wolf, by choice. I am a soul who in gentle, kind and .... meet all with a smile. BUT.... since a terrifing childhood, through bad marriages, poor choice in folks due to being so..... naive. I must remain a lone wolf for self-perseverance!

It will take a very special soul to touch my heart. I maybe a lone wolf but i am not always "lonely". I keep quite busy in my gardens and walking the river banks here at home. Oh, i have lots of critters to love and recieve love from. lol... i quess i prefer four legged critters over the two legged ones. ;~)

Anyway, i love to roam like a wolf, all alone in the middle of woods while i sit and watch, listening to the world. There is peace.
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There is more peace as a lone wolf, for I have been one much longer than you. but there is also a loneliness that is not for everyone. I thought perhaps I was destined to remain so, but you have changed all that.
I love to run with a mate in the wild.

wiseowl, lol... i do know who i am, wish i could find just one soul that i can share sometime with but walk back into the safety again. hmmm....yup.

I am the lone Owl in the woods..I'm the same & mirror how you feel. It feels good to be in touch with One's self.. Hoot!

MasterLHeart, Bless your heart! Take care and follow your heart, just be true to yourself. I am sorry for the parent thingy.

OkCountryBoy, *smile* Thank you. too embarrassed to tell you how many critters i have. Folks drop them off, i care for them. I'll do without before them. OkCB, let's talk more. take care, see ya later

I am a lone wolf by choice to. where I come from people in my family argued so much. sometimes blaming my birth for the result of the fighting, and things at school only made it a hundred times worse.

Artsydesigns, I am honored to be your friend. *smile* Yes, i am learning the hard way about folks. Who i thought were friends, just liked to play and when they are done playing... well... i sit by the sidelines. In this time of my life, i need friends...but they are off doing their own things. hmmm. i was always there for them. Supporting, loving, caring for them... but now a days, i have found friends here that like you, with honest kind words can brighten my days! Thanks! I am awakening, i see the light! Thank God! lol... (hug) to you too!

my heart goes out to you Garven! <br />
i have found out that there are so many folks who carry their sorrows/burdens ... that they stop loving life and living life. i can not do that because i am amazed at the beauty that surrounds me. heck with folks making me happy or keeping me company.... not that i wouldn't like that but....<br />
i hope you find happiness before your time comes!

I am a lone wolf not by choice,by circumstance of abuse as a child by an uncle.My parents had no idea until i was an adult however those experiences have damaged me so much,I have been denied true happyness as a result and will remain desperaetly lonely till my time is called.