ever since middle school ended,i became shy, alone, lost contact with all my friends...i never really tried to be friends with them again..they have gotten new ppl in their life. I feel like i would be a bother to them. Since then i have always been alone. im about to be 18. its starting to weigh on me.
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How's your life at home?

Heeey Honey! Dont let it get you down my love. I am a 54 year old geezer and I am the coolest and smartest guy you would ever meet and to be honest, I am on my own because nobody who has tried just cant keep up, man.<br />
I have had hundreds of so-called friends but time always roots them out to be time wasters. Just face it baby, you was meant to be as you are. I know, All my friends disappeared when times got rough and you actually needed them.<br />
You are your only friend honey and can you think of anybody more deserving. You know everything and that means no one to argue and niggle you some days.<br />
You are really only a beginner when it comes to being who you are, or rather what you are going to mature into. In six or more years you wont be who you are now. The trick is to grow without some busy body inflicting their thoughts and ideas on to you.<br />
We are born to be lone wanderers baby and that is what we all are in the end.