The Issue

Lone wolf; I like the sound of it. It sounds very dramatic and cool.

Here's where I have the problem with it: lots of people say they're lone wolves. That's fine in and of itself, but most of those people are lying. If you don't have many friends, you're not by definition a lone wolf, you just don't have many friends. If you don't like crowds: you're an introvert. And so on.

Lone wolves are so because they want to. Not because of events that made the specific issue happen. A lone wolf likes to act on his own. No one is the boss over him, not because there aren't any people trying to boss him around, but because he chooses not to be bossed around. A lone wolf will prefer the quietness of being alone over being with other people, except when he needs something. That something can be anything; even lone wolves need a bit of company to keep sane. In that respect wolves and humans are alike: we are sociable creatures.

Apologies for the rant.
Aerugo Aerugo
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Not having many friends doesn't requirer an event. Being an introvert, is a personality trait and doesn't requirer an event. And therefor not wanting to be in a crowd, doesn't requirer an event. <br />
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I see my self as a Lone Wolf, I'm an introvert by nature, and doesn't have many friends, I have two or three. Funny enough I enjoy being in a crowd, it makes me blend in and I can be even more alone in a crowd then I can.. well.. alone. I like to be on the move, traveling, it makes me feel in control. <br />
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I am a Lone Wolf

I didn't mean to imply that having few friends is because of some event; don't get me wrong. The point I was trying to convey was that the choice of being a lone wolf is just that: a choice. You can't be a lone wolf just because you have no friends. No event will ever 'make' you a lone wolf. Lone wolves are not made, but it's a choice, a way of life.

I agree with you though, that my point wasn't clear from my original story. *sigh* I wrote that when I was annoyed. Never a good time to write anything.

I get your point about being a lone wolf. But I don't think it has to be a choice of life style. It just the way you are. I see the lone wolf image as a person who are more aggressive about being alone. I control my territory. I decide when to interact with others. I show up when I want to. I think that the regular loner just bends of, are too soft. Any way, I think you got it backwards, its not a choice, it's very much an integrated part of my personality. I did choose this, I just am. I'm drunk, differently not a good time to write anything.