Howling . . . .

I have many issues/things that causes me to be, remain a lone wolf. Which aren't all bad ... I love being alone in the woods, sitting on a cliff, overlooking sights, watching, listening to the busy world.

My heart is a very tender thing, i have learned to protect it.... maybe a tad too much but... it is what it is. Since i am all heart... half the time my head doesn't work .... I have become and will remain a lone wolf.

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5 Responses Nov 7, 2011

That was beautiful.

thank you

if that's what you need


I can very much relate to that.... Seem to have always preferred it....or call it being comfortable being alone with myself. Enjoy who you are !!!

i worry that i will live and die alone.... but on the other hand.... exchanging one for another, emotion..... i choice being alone. safer for me.. and! i am very comfortable alone.... yup, there are moments that i desire another but.... i am what i am.

my choice to being have a blessed day... time for work. see ya

I sometimes feel the same way.

i have felt this way all my life.

That's ok. There are advantages. You get your center not being distracted. A good place to be and know what you need and want. I respect that.

It was your message... that inspired me to say this. but you see... my heart is in my head. :)