It's A Wolf Thing

I know how it's like because a majority of the time I am alone. It seems that when I try to connect with others they don't even pay attention to me or they just tune me out. When people try to mingle with me it's hard to open up because I can't trust alot of people. Only reason why is I have been lied to, sold out, or no ones there for me. I think thats how some are as well. I really only mingle with wolves because they know what other wolves are going through. To all wolves who needs a wolf to listen help I'm all ears.
JAZ1792 JAZ1792
22-25, M
6 Responses Dec 13, 2011

I want to be your friend and I am lonely as well

I'm here for ya :D

Thats awesome, As much as I prefer foxes... I'm a lone wolf, and I dont really seem to fit in with wolves. So what is a misfit do when he cant even fit in with other misfits?

I hear you JAZ1792. I have the same problem. I just don't relate to humans, and I haven't met any real wolves in person yet.

I havent met a wolf in real life either

That is almost word for word how I feel.I have to deal with it every day.Why I havent snapped yet is beyond me.

If you ever need a wolf to talk to I am all ears


I'm here 4 u aswell: D

Thank you