I Can Take Care Of Myself

 I don't know why everyone tries to think for me. I can take care of myself. I don't need anyones help, I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself. You can sit there and act like you know what your saying. Like your my gardian angel. I don't need to be told what to do. I take care of myself when I'm sick, when I''m alone, when my dad died, when mom decided to just pack up and go to LA and leave me here, when my grandma decided to leave me, when my world stopped turning. You might think I have problems, and thats probably true, but I can take care of myself. Save your beautiful words for someone else. I know them to well. The next time you suggest something thats suppossed to "help" me with my "problems" you might just want to keep your mouth shut. Cause I can take care of myself......
Ghostclaw Ghostclaw 13-15 3 Responses Feb 10, 2012

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Trust me being a lone wolf, everyone would care about us and we do want to take care of ourselves, as a lone wolf we want to be independent, but people who do love us will be desperate to get involved, it's like if we are actual wolves we would be looked after but from a distance because they don't want to interfere but will come to us if they think we are distress.

Sometimes it is okay to let people that love you help you, I have learned that it is sometimes good to be dependent on people but never to open your heart completely to one that doesn't deserve it or that you cannot completely trust. But of course it is good to be independent but there is a balance between the two. I heard about what happened recently, whoever said what they did know nothing so don't let their petty insults get the best of you. Feel free to talk to me anytime, anything for a fellow wolf.

im afraid that one of the several irritating features of this site im finding,is what happens when i try to follow up on a story in the bulletins that i no longer seem to recieve.

i am i admit somewaht behind and late with much of what i am responding too but that might have something to do with simply not being able to access the sita at all for many months(complicated completely unmemorable codes/passwords that never work,are i am afraid another gripe)

but i clicked on solitary soul by someguyyouknow.whatever i do it either tells me that the story and/or person dont exist or takes me to lonewolf i can take care of myself

so in the fine tradition of the perverse school of which i am a fully paid up member,this is a response to the fragment of solitary soul that im able to access.

perhaps some kind sould can tell me how to unlock this conundrum...

any response is difficult given i seem to have in front of me simply the idae of solitude.

i dont really know whether the notional author sees solitude as a positive experience or aspect of life.

i can only say these things from my own experience...increasingly i see determining our being and who we are in asocial context and in our doing.the rest seems abstract and runs the spectrum from empty vessel,to a weird and conflicted,muddle of th etotal of our experiences at the other.i think more and more that i is not i.i is we.we are not yrt,but we are coming.that we are who we are in relation to others and in our doings,our movement from one thing,event,movement to the next.this makes us always provisional,works in progress.

on the other hand we sometimes describe being born and dying alone.of course the former is not possible because we are all born of woman(and sorry i dont accept that she,as species or individual is ever flawed,in the spiritual sense.she is not the carrier of sin)but i have alwasy felt alien,apart,alienated,different for most of my life.

that creates a paradox,although i gave up trying to rfesolve it a long time ago.

at another level,surrounded by urban noise and continueing to fill the silence with music or the radio or even tv,rather precludes the same time life can be peopled with life when i am actually alone,via internet and other communication,some of which is ongoing-so for example we leave a conversation but consider we might return to is also possible to be isolated,alone,in solitude in a crowd.i always think that the cluttered mess of urban life,clutter and noise,is in asense,the modern equivalent of the desert of the desert fathers.this is a desert in its meaningless fullness of waste and rubbish adn disposability rather than of sand and empty space.

i can neither find a steady state nor indeed the silence for solitrude.i suspect that if i found a moments silence it might be full not empty.its difficult to establish which when theer is also a distracting roaring in my head too,and our own brains/mind seem to know all too well how to distract us