For Matt

Ever since I joined this bullshit site, I've known I was different. My first dream was after I turned thirteen. It was just me running in the woods as a wolf. I wouldn't even be on here if it weren't for those dreams to have inspired me to find out why I was so weird. I had another account but all my stuff was lost and yeah it was just a mess. I remade this one about a little over a year ago, I went from LeapingWolf, a happy, outgoing, laughing, caring, loving person, to RogueWolf, a hateful, hasty, rude, uncaring, stubborn, selfish *****. I want to apologize to everyone. I don't even know how this happened to be honest. Maybe it was because I thought nobody cared when I was scared, and hurt, so I decided I didn't care for them at all. But what I didn't realize is that I never asked for their sympathy. I thought they'd just notice I was in pain. Turns out, I'm better at hiding my emotions then I thought. I've put down so many young wolves and made them loose all hope. My rude comments and horrible lectures telling them they CAN'T do it.. They CAN do it. I want to apologize to Matt the most though. That guy has seriously changed me.. I actually prayed today. I thought about how sweet he is. He's the most caring guy alive. He tells someone off and he feels horrible. He deserves the best. I can't even explain how much he means to me. I was thinking about how I told him he wouldn't shift.. And then I thought about how when everyone told me I couldn't, he was there telling me I WOULD. Not that I could, but that I WILL shift. I owe my life to him. Because every single passing day he's kept me sane. And now most of you who continued to put up with my **** can now thank him for the change. It may not be huge, but I'll guarantee you it was worth it.
I feel like a billion pounds have been lifted off my shoulders.
At this point I'm just rambling. My wolf needed to find peace in this world and I think I've finally found it.. Thank you Matt, for being there when nobody else was. For being the big brother I always wanted. Even though you're shorter then me.. xD
And...... That is all. Thanks. :)
TheRogueWolf TheRogueWolf
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Good Work Sister Remember I will always be there for your pack

Thanks Scar. Same for you.



Well I Left WAO And I'm still Alpha Of The Unbroken Pack :D ... we have around 19 members But im happy is your pack starting up again?

It did last week. Not much activity seeing as we started over completely but we're gettin somewhere.

sorry Rouge But i missed you to I thought you knew i changed my user name but im sorry Im proud of you Rouge :D

No! You never freakin told me! Dx And thanks.

I Love You Sis (its me scarwolf)

Wow miss don't talk to me anymore. Where the **** have you been? I've been worried and then I was like '**** it' cause I thought you left!

Raven, I need to say this. I'm so sorry, for making everything worse, for making your life hard. I was so inconsiderate, and I acted like an ***. I'm so unbelievably sorry, and you don't know how much I care. I'd do anything for you, you may have been a ***** to me, bur I've always trusted you, and my feelings never changed. I never wanted to lose you, but I guess it was only inevitable, after all, I'm an annoying ***, and you hate me. I don't blame you at all. Raven, I'm always gonna miss you and I wish you the absolute best!!!! I'll never stop thinking about you, even if o can't stand it lol. And I'll pray for you every day!!! Because the truth is Raven, I love you, and always will, whether as a friend or more....have a wonderful life, and may you always find happiness!!!!!! :)

I always cared about you. you are a friend and always will be.

Thanks Donovan. :) I didn't think you remembered me because of the name change..

I remember you

I never forgot you. You're still a good wolf.