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First off, I AM in a pack. Dark Moons to be exact. It's a good pack, don't get me wrong, but I'm in search of a stronger pack. Emotionally and physically. Strong leaders. I don't care about my rank as long as it's not low. Dominant members who won't take ****. I know this is the Internet and the only packs on here are really.. Weak? I guess you could say that. They are too over emotional. I'm a dominant person, and I can't take baby bullshit. I probably won't stay long seeing as I'll be forming a physical pack with my friend Sarah once I move up there in a couple months, which I can't wait to do. :)
But I still want a pack. Older, wiser, stronger. To teach and to help. I want a strong pack. One that, they are there for each other but also they'll kill anyone who hurts their wolf family. Not one that just warns them off. I mean honestly, if somebody hurt my former Beta female, I'd kill them once I saw them. No empty threats. No promises. They'd be dead. Or be begging me to end the suffering. I'm dominant and I need a pack that's the same. Strong leaders, and all that jazz. I am part of a pack though. I'd leave for a stronger one.
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My name is Joshua and i am a co Alpha in really strong pack. We have avenged a few deaths and will remain strong throughout the rest of our lives


Its better to be a lone wolf anyway.


Cuz then you dont have to worry about little arogant pups

Come to the red moon pack we are a family and we will tresat you with respect... ^-^

Im not trying to be rude and i think your really cool but if you dont like the pack your in why dont you just leave instead of insulting us.

I didn't insult. I could have. But I didn't. I talked to the Alpha male and I'm staying to try and help him make it stronger. Because I am loyal. I just need to find those worthy of it. And yeah thanks, you're cool too.

Alright well thats good and i understand how u feel and thanks