Looking For A Pack

Hi, i am tyler. I am 13 years old, live in illinois, and is looking for a pack. I have a mate- LoneWolf199.i hope i will be able to find one, thank you!
BrightWolf1226 BrightWolf1226
18-21, M
1 Response Sep 16, 2012

Hey I have started a website that is just for us therians/wolfbloods/halfbloods. It gives everyone everything they need to know. Please read the 'What we are" and the 'Shifts" pages FIRST. Then go to the packs page and see if either of the two new packs suite you.

Here is the website- http://wolfbloods.weebly.com/

Please message me if yiu want to be in either of the two packs, i will add you and then you can go talk in the pack chat pages!


Thanks, but i found a pack.