I Can't Do It

Packs don't really... Work... For me...
It's like..
I can't take orders...
I can't stay with a group...
I like to do things on my own.
I have a small physical pack, just me and my friend, but that's all.
It's hard to explain.
I was just born to be a lone wolf.
And I'm perfectly okay with it.
I know wolves are pack animals, but sometimes they roam alone. I'm one of those wolves.

'Neath the pale moon's glow,

- Carletta
WereMoons WereMoons
1 Response Nov 11, 2012

I know exactly how you feel darling. Except I am meant to lead, since I cannot I am meant to be free. I've tried, really, to be in a pack an yet it always ends in disaster, no matter how high of rank I am.... I'm lost and alone, reading your post made me realize I'm not truly alone. Thank you.

<3 It's good to know there's more out there.