I Am A Lone Wolf

i am unwanted,abused,hated.
i have no friends and people at school at school call me lone wolf (wolf because i have wolf eyes) i dont mind if im alone sometimes its nicer that way and calmer. i regret so many things i have done before but being alone gives me time to catch up. im the fasted in all years 7,8, and nine
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13-15, F
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Man,i feel ya im like that too,that's how people always picture me and how i picture myself.

i feel you are like me and i think people are afraid of us and leave us alone. i hated it at first but like u as i got older it was better than to be heard. so i feel u.

lone wolves forever

i to am like that a freshman in highschool i dont have alot of friends even then they dont understand me i have diabetes was diagnosed at age 10 im 14 now and hate the way things are going i love wolves and wish everday that werewolves were real and that i could just run away and be one. I get lonely at times feel never wanted by my family hated really like im a burden especially with my diabetes.

we are like twins i feel you pain...... treasure life i am the one who hasnt

Thank you im glad we understand each other so well

you are a strong,brave and wonderful person hold onto that :)

your awesome!!!!!!!!!

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