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I am truly a lone wolf. I always have been and likely always will be. Though I have few others around me they do not make my pack. Instead like a lone wolf I prowl alone struggling to survive. They say lone wolves are stronger than the average wolf as they have to hunt alone but people forget that you have to be strong just to live. We may be stronger.... but our hearts are weaker.
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I've been a lone wolf my whole life. I have interacted with packs and have friends in them. To be "a lone" means something besides being alone. I swore to be a lone wolf until I found an alpha worthy of my loyalty, I don't follow the rules of some power hungry ego maniac. Try finding other solitaries to bond with or even a pack to be allies with if you're tired of being alone, some of us just aren't suited for pack life

you do know I don't think I'm a litteral wolf right..... I'm fairly sure I'm a person......

You can't be completely alone...after all, I'm talking to you :)

that had nothing to do with what I just typed....

Just because you're a human doesn't mean you're alone...that was my point

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Damn straight boss. I completely agree with your attitude on the subject. Sometimes I get sick of being so lonely, but I am much better off for it. I can;t stand people in large doses.