Loneliness Isn't Bad When It Feels So Good

I love to be alone, I can do what I want and no one can judge.

When I am ever in a group, no one listens to me, and I always end up right in the end. I can't communicate with humans, they are self-absorbed and stupid. It is much easier relying on just me. That way, no one can blame be for anything.

I can spend hours by myself and be perfectly happy and sane (well, sometimes haha).

Why do people pity the lonely, when it just feels so good to be alone?
Why do people try and help when you are perfectly fine?
Why do people hate being alone?

No one will ever know unless they try enjoying something new in life...
TheWesternWolf TheWesternWolf
16-17, F
3 Responses Nov 15, 2013

Thats true .same stuff over here..people live by some norms they enjoy in their boring safe lives. Well i dont live like that. Never give a **** about anything just lived my life like i want. Dont give up. It's only one life live it like u want

I can so relate to you, I spend most of my days alone... I enjoy my own company and just like you, I too don't understand why some people hate being alone? I'm in a relationship, but fortunate for me most of the time there at work...so it's usually Me, myself and I. The times I have gone out with co-workers or friends, I always find myself thinking, "I should have just stayed home alone." People also tend to ignore me and sometimes they even forget I'm around.

people would probably respond to that: "that sounds so quiet and lonely, how can you stand it?" but some people like you and i know that being alone is one of the only times happiness can be found.
your reply was very helpful, thank you

Been there and know what you are talking about. There are very few people I can be around for any length of time. my wife and kids are it come to think about it.

i agree, just so many people you cant trust today

pretty sad isn't it.

yup, very sad