Demonic Pack

Real wolf people have never come to a liking with a part witch part shape shifter that is only shifter by blood. but i am part of a sizable pack of wolf demons, one of which is my mate, a beautiful strong blue male wolf, not alpha but the best there is to me. i love him and hope to some day die for him so he can be part of the material plain packs of wolf. our demonic pack is not all light wolves, most are either dark or in transition to or from dark(dark meaning evil, but we don't like to use that term. even though other wolf people don't like me, i still welcome them to be friends with. please message me if you have a similarity to this or have a comment.
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 27, 2013

I'm a werewolf and demon... Explains my anger issues....

Same here finally somebody like me.

Other wolves kinda hate me. Bc I'm half demon

Yeah but we are all together better than normal wolfs =)

I see your point

Haha lol even if they hate us at least some of us inherit demonic powers >:) lol

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