Sup I'm nightfang the best fighter out there you try to face me you get my fangs in your neck. Packs are for the weak
Nightfang109 Nightfang109
16-17, M
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Love your thoughts about that

Yeah well I see trusting others as pointless

Same here I learned that early in life thankfully

Me too

How did you figure out not to trust

Well when people constantly betray you and go behind your back revealing to everyone the secrets you trusted them to keep taught me not to trust

Same here

Sorry how did you end up not liking packs

Just the same reason

Hey I've been betrayed to specially by the most people I care about i sometimes get judged or bullied I'm just a simple human wanted to be a wolf does anybody here want to be friends and be a team we'll if u guys can turn people into wolf let me knelt an I'm sorry her happen to u we'll I still get judged by the way I'm 12 years old

Look here idk if any of u have heard of AƤkeronis but tell me if u have

No but message me and tell me

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