Hello I am WhiteMoon, Alpha Female of Crimson Tide wolf pack.

This pack is family and will always be family. We have good rules and good allies.

We are looking for anyone who wishs to join us.

Name: Crimson Tide / Pack of Crimson Tide
Area: PA, USA
Skype, EP , Facebook, Wolf Home,


Main Alpha: WhiteMoon

Alphess1: WhiteMoon
Alpha2: Jordan

Beta: Luighseach (pronounced Lihshook)

Oppa: Mariah


Middle Rank: WhiteFang, Amber

1.) Have respect for the members in the pack.

2.) The Alpha's will solve any problems that other pack members have concerns with.

3.) If any members have idea's feel free to share the idea with either alpha's or either Beta's. the ideas will be talked over by the alphas and the Betas will be notified by the alphas decisions

4.)Alphas Final choice and decision is final There will be no arguing with the choice that either Alpha makes.

5.) If the Alpha's are not available or busy with other matters. The Beta's will be the next in line to handle the pack if not then Zetas.

6.) Meetings/gathering will be held mostly on full moons. Either at a bonfire or online

7.) If any member moves up in rank the pack will have a celebration for that individual member.

8.) Every member is equal the only difference is the ranks of the pack and dominance .

9.) The Crimson Tide pack is not used for refugees.

10) Enemys are enemys but treat them with respect

11) Do what you can to help out the new members and to make sure they settle in well and get used to everyone .

12) Four warnings when you break a rule, once four warnings are up a punishment will be giving depending on what you did.

13) Do your best and not hurt another be good..

14) If you hurt one you will be punished unless you tell the one who hurt your sorry and why


Preferred Name/Therian Name:




How long have you known you were a therian?

What are your views on shifting?

Is your theriotype part of your soul, outside yourself but bound to you, or other? Describe.

How active are you able to be online and in the pack?

Pick 5 words that best describe you.

Are you a member of any other packs, or have you been in the past?

What are you looking for in a pack?

How are you planning on helping our pack grow and improve?
Angiewhitemoon Angiewhitemoon
18-21, F
4 Responses Jun 12, 2014

Hello my name is Ernesto I'm 12 years old I can be online all the time unless I'm sleeping I'm still human but just a question I u alphas can turn people into wolfs I will love to be one an ill promise to had self control so I will need help on that lmao I respect people and I will try to help the pack in the worts times just that I won't be around that much because my parents are very over protective and I live in LA CA I'll answer other question u need and also a question what happens if I lie the pack ? Because I can't be around the hole time ? And also what are the punishments pls answer. Me back and are u guys still looking for more other people jut that. I'm human I always wanted to be a wolf so if u guys let me be in it I have to be turn into one just one thing take care

Hey it ghost from her pack ummm it does not work like that sadly but it would be cool if it was like that

What u mean ur in her pack already

Yeah but the turning people into wolves it not like that your born with it

And sorry if I'm being rude about it I don't like being rude I try to explaine things nice

It's okay we'll there a pack called bloods pack they bite to turn u into one so maybe u can actually turn like that because I was turn like that I'm still an omega

Like my good member Ghost had said. it does not work like that. but i do not mind humans being in the pack but they should work little exstra hard to earn the respect and trust but Usally things will go well :). I shall think of it. Usally if human wants to be part of the pack is cus they want to be a wolf or study us or just cus they"can"/troll

also to become a wolf .. if there is a way.. to turn non humans.. ill see if its possable and try it on you if you like but the thing is is it possable .. but its most likly not but why not give it a try?

the punishments well.. i havent thought of any yet since no one has gotten all 4 warnnings or was it 5 i have to check lol

usally for me i dont give harsh or very mean punishments

what happens if you lie to the pack well you wil get a warning if you have anyleft
and say sorry and why and try to understand why your lie is wrong

I try to make things fair and reasonable

I will give you 3 tries to see if you like the way the pack works and if the pack members like you.

What do you say?

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My name is Don / Ghost

Gender: Male

Theriotype: wolf

Age 14

How long have I known: basicly sence I was little I guess used to run around on all 4 and bark growl and howl

My views on shifting: shifting is some thing well how do the people explain it these days well it some thing I fine relaxing to get away from people

My theriotype : mine is out side my self but bound well I do stange things as I walk I think of things that are well some thing like hunting or other things and I do thing a wolf would do instead of a human

How active could I be online: well I can be on every day as long as I'm not angry

5 words that describe me: 1. Berserk
2: shy 3. Caring 4.hunter 5.serious

Was I a member of any other pack: well I was but they abandon me they all left me I was apart of two first it was one and they left me cuase idk then I found a diffent pack we was with each other made plans but they left me I hope this pack would be different

What am I looking for I'm a pack: loyalty the truth and wolves who would die for there pack and take care of each other at there worst days

I'm planing on helping the pack by: taking care of the of pack at the worst of times and make sure to help in any way the the alphas want me to help with

Alright Please hold while i talk over with my mate :)


Mind if I join ? Ill send the info

i live in pa and am alpha of the Silver Blood pack and am looking for new members. My name is Accalia. could we possibly meet up and talk about being allies. or maybe even merging? Message me please.