I so badly want to find my mate because me and my wolf are so lonely yeah we talk together other but we start to get bored after a while
DarkLight1999 DarkLight1999
18-21, M
2 Responses Jun 12, 2015

At your age you don't need to worry about mates. These days you kids just don't understand that word means forever it is not just a girlfriend. I would suggest date a bit play the field I mean damn you probably have not even had your first change yet and if you have you are 17 to 18ish and really still figuring the world out. You need to know yourself and the world around you before you even think about a mate or even a pack for that matter. You are most likely on an online pack, which sorry are not real packs, and at that on low end of the age group. You need to grow up a bit live your life learn about yourself and around 21ish start worrying about finding a good pack and a mate. Next you and the wolf are one being. Werewolves are not human form and a wolf spirt that is Thereian talk. A werewolf is simply a human with a genetic code that allows them to shapeshift into a wolf. You need to let go of the thought of being two souls in one that causes depression and give excuses for being dumb. You need to learn you are you not you and "the wolf". You and the wolf are the same thing. Don't take this as me insulting you I am simply and older wolf giving advice and educational support to pups please except it and listen to me.

Good to hear you know I am right understand the info elders give you. Wisdom is paramount in our world you must understand the words I bring to you.

Don't worry. You will find her