I'm always the loner in a huge group of people. No one ever bothers to talk to me, but that could be that they all think I'm weird. Ever since I was in Preschool, everyone seemed to ignore me, and every time I tried to get a group of girls to let me play with them, they would constantly reject me, but that was one of things I remember back then. Even at parties, no one seems to take their time to talk to me. I don't know why. This doesn't always make them stuck up ********, but then again, when I was 13, I went to this amusement park themed VBS, and everyone in my age range didn't like me for some reason, or my brother, and they would pick on the 2 of us. All the people below my age range weren't bullies like the people my age, it was weird.

I still don't know why people ignore me. I'm not some kind of utter ****. Well, I just don't believe in mindless comformity, or just mindlessly following the crowd, so that could be a reason why. I'm the type of person that marches to the beat of my own drum. I just tend to go my own way. People probably don't like me for this reason, but I just don't know. I don't mindlessly worship a celebirity either. I am my own follower and leader. If people think I'm weird, then oh well, that's their lost.
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I feel yea I'm the same way