what's up with all this "pack" mentality?
I don't get it, and it doesn't make any sense to me.
why?, what's the point?
I'm stronger alone, and I know it.
no one to depend on, no one to worry about but myself.
the only one who can lie to me... is me.
the only one who can betray me, and stabb me in the back... is myself.
I've got a trusted ally, or two that I can turn to in my circle if I have to, wich is rare if I ever do.
I'll be here, and gladly help, or assist you in any way I can if you need it.
But a pack?... forget it.
I'm stronger alone.
shaaka shaaka
26-30, M
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sense of trust, if

hi guys im new




I feel the same thing as you, but I just don't really have anybody to trust. Well not anymore at least