I do not wish to sound "cliche" when saying this, but am in search of those willing to band together in a pack based on loyalty, unity, and respect. As a former Alpha of two separate packs (long story pertaining to their demise) it has always been my nature to protect those within the pack because to me, a pack is first and foremost a family unit. I believe in the true nature of the ranks whereas the Alpha of one must be elected by the members, as well as the Beta rank and so on. I extend my knowledge and willingness to stand beside those who wish to do the same in return. I am not going to say that I am going to be the Alpha, unless I am elected as such. this is something very important to me, so with that being said, I request only those who have serious inquiries. thank you for your time. If nothing comes of this post then it is not a total loss because as I've said, this is only something I wish, not demand.
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if possible I'd want to become part of this pack. I haven't been able to talk to any other of my species in a while so that'd be nice :)

So....you morph?

I've never used the term "morph" before. That sounds a little, Power Ranger-like. Usually it is explained as shifting, transforming, or otherwise phasing...

Shape shifting?

Yes, simply put, shape shifting would be the most basic term.

So, literally. Morphing into another species? Getting on all fours, growing sharp teeth, sprouting hairs...etc?

If there is to be judgement within these replies then I wish to say the conversation is expunged. Judgement is something I am use to but suffice it to say, do not wish to undergo. Yes, shifting is a literal ability from one form to another. Caterpillars are able to do it due to their genetic make up, therefore the scientific possibility for there to be other creatures able to do the same is plausible

The internet has a way of doing. You can't hear the "tone" of what people say. I get it. But my curiosity is genuine.

This is true. On the Internet, words are just words without any emotional tone capable of being understood so forgive my caution

If you wish to know more then send a personal message please. I am not one to blatantly exploit secrets in full within the open view of the public. Many things I will still keep secret though due to specific laws and code of conduct but basic information may be explained.

I want to know more...

Also I must admit this was posted some time ago. The requirements of a pack are small in my regards. It is an instinctive need to be in one but it is not a necessity of mine. After submitting it, I realized how adolescent it sounded but could not recant on it.

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