I Am A Lone Wolf.

Since I was young I have always enjoyed doing thing alone, I prefer to work by myself. I never had a real steady relationship, it is always off and on. I really never cared for anything. My job requires me to trust people but yet I still prefer to do thing on my own, no matter how hard they are. I drink myself to sleep when I dont have to go to work. I am tired of howling at the stars, instead of jumping at them. Does anybody feel this way?

Cerberus11357 Cerberus11357
18-21, M
9 Responses Oct 14, 2009

I am 13 and i'm going through this same exact phase right now so you are not alone my friend

yeah im with you

I understand.


It's been like that for me for a couple years right now. five? maybe six? The more I tried for a woman the farther away I found myself from life.

same here

sounds like you are depressed, i went through that feelings too. in my personal case, i actually didnt felt depressed and took a lot of effort to accept that fact

Yeah, I feel the same.

yay lonly peeps