I am a lone Wolf- or better said Werewolf- and I am 16 years old, so I haven't p-shifted yet. But I am waiting impatiently for the first shift, because since my birth (or since I can remember things) I know I'm not human. How I got the idea of being a Werewolf? Werewolves know they are who they are since their birth, and so do I. I always have been feeling attracted to wolves, and even connected in a strange way, and I find wolves the most wonderful creatures ever. And especially I am very curious How my first shift Will be. And my Wolf appearance too.

I am quite agressive against people, I often growl or even snarl when I'm angry, and I also show my teeth. Sometimes I howl, just because I suddenly get the urge to do it, not especially at the moon or something. I am a quiet person, a bold, boy- like girl with a big mouth and self confidence (fortunately I get self confidence, because before that I was insecure and got bullied Sometimes. I always ignored the insults and bullies but that never really worked. Till now).

I am strong and pretty fast and agile, although I don't know my own strength. And I have very sharp senses, especially my sight, hearing and sense of smell. My parents tested me and I got the diagnosis Asperger's syndrome. That's not true. Because you can't compare me in any case with somebody Who does have Asperger's. Lots of people would say Werewolves look a lot like autistic in behavior, which of course is just a prejudice. But I don't act "autistic", my apologies If that sounded wrong to you.

I don't have told anyone of my family or friends my secret, because I'm sure that they would obviously laugh at me, tell me I'm insane and send me to a psychologist. So the lucky ones who read my stories are the only ones who know my secret. And for my family I Will keep my secret safe until I'm able to shift voluntarily, so i can prove my sayings aren't lies. For now, you have to believe on my word If I say I am definitely not a fake, but a real young Dutch Werewolf.

Thanks for reading :)

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I am a 28 year old guy. I'm strong, muscly, have keen sense as you mentioned above and very tall. I yearn to P-shift, and have know I am a Wolf since the time I was born too. I'm a lone wolf, and everything I do is alone. Whenever I have dreams, I have them of wolves, or of me as a wolf. I'd like to discuss more of this with you if that's possible.

Sure, you can search me on Facebook, my name is Asmara Andriese. I am not on EP often, so it would be more useful If we're communicate via messenger.

Is there another place I could message you? I don't use Facebook, and I don't intend to soon. I have a Kik if that's possible.

I don't have kik anymore but I can install it again. What's your kik name?


Okay I Will Download kik soon :)

Alright, sounds good!

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