I am a lone wolf. My heart yearns for someone to take away the empty loneliness I find myself trapped in.
Haleysixx Haleysixx
18-21, F
4 Responses Jan 17, 2016

I know how you feel my friend

I'm a lone wolf and I don't get lonely easily, but I have come to learn that being a lone wolf is not always a choice.

im guessing you dont have much going on in life or you do but all seems meaningless
im a fan of making lists when it gets hard to figure out whats what
make a list of
-what you want in life& how to get it
-or u can pray which is the best option and ask God to help u and guide u
God is always helping us u know, we just dont know

I hope that you find that someone, it just a matter of time and coincidence.