Are you a Wolf Therian in the UK?

yes? than Path of the Ancients Wolf Pack is for you!

Path of the Ancients is a pack located in England, Great Britain and we do lots of Different meeting events such as Comic Cons, Camping and local meet-ups.
This Pack is as safe as we can make it, with small tests that you are asked when you sign up such as sending a Photo of your face and questions.

We have been active and running for 2 years and have gained many members from around the UK. We are highly trusted and friendly to everyone.

Want to check us out? Visit:

The way the pack communicates is by Facebook. Unfortunately we do not have regular contract on any other social media sites. if needed to be messaged you can message us on Twitter or here on Experience Project.

Hope to hear from you soon!

The Path of the Ancients Wolf Pack.
Mistygosa Mistygosa
18-21, F
Apr 6, 2016