Lonely And So Sad

I have recently married in March of this year 2012.. My husband is a wonderful man, hardworking and very loving. Problem is
he is over friendly.We have known each other many years and been together off and on, he has cheated on me in the past so trust issues are very prevelant with me.  We live on the property where he works and EVERY ONE I mean EVERY one knows him. There is no privacy,
never a moment where someone isnt knocking on our door or talking to him when he goes outside to smoke. He has (before we got back together)
partied with people in this complex, had sex with a co-worker and is just to friendly to the people here. I am thoroughly intimidated by 
all the attention he gets from women here. He says he loves and wants only me, but I feel as if I am insignificant and definately not as
important as work or the neighbor.  I suffer from depression and am really hurting about this. He is very mean when I ask him to tone 
it down with others, I would just like attention and communication he wants to give them instead of me. Just really heart broken. 
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Lonely and so sad. You just told my story. I am so sorry for what you are going through. I have been married for 11 years. His best friend is a woman, normally I have no problem with this. But lately he helps her with things he refuses to help me with. Everyone knows and "loves" him. I sit by in the shadows. When I ask him to give me the same respect as he gives this other woman, he gets mad at me. The worst part about it is, I am not allowed to even say hello to her husband across the table from each other when all four of us are together. Even worse, now he hides (or rather tries) to hide his relationship with her from me. I can't leave him. I am sorry, I didn't mean to make this about me. I am just hoping that my story helps you.

Wow I am so sorry for your situation.I think you married a ladies man and he is addicted to the attention he gets.If he loved you he would stop being that way to others.You are right in asking him to stop being so friendly to others because it will only lead to more cheating.<br />
I think for you the best thing is to give him an ultimatum ,to stop and give you all the attention or else it won't work.See if he can be that way for you.I hope he can but if he can't no way will your marriage work.Thanks for sharing.