I Am A Lonely Loner...

I like being with 1 or 2 close friends but have none...I like talking about shared interests but have no one to talk to...I enjoy being outside but am agoraphobic...I'm friendly but shy...I like listening but get board of people...I like being by myself but long to share my time with some one...I am a lonely loner :/
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8 Responses Jun 17, 2012

I asked you about your education because it can serve as a gateway to better understand your own life and needs. When you accomplish this you will be able to conquer your shortcomings such as dyslexia

By the way thanks for helping me pass the time.

I am searching for someone to talk to because I am alone. You are lonely because you chose to be. Your education level is fine and you spell better then me I am sure.

Yo could be searching for education

question what is your level of education

Your quite beautiful why are you so sad?

I know also how you feel. Sometimes even when I'm hanging out with friends, it just feels like that I want to be alone, so that I can think about what I want to think about and do what I want to do. It's painful to deal with, but there's also people here that you can talk with (like me for example), and that if you want to try to "integrate" yourself back with people, you could just talk to those one or two close friends that you know and tell them about your condition, seeing what they say about it. You're not a loner, and even if you are, you shouldn't feel ashamed about it.

Ok then. Then you should feel ok about it, because everyone is unique (and you sound like a cool person also) :)

26-30 you are.... it only gets worse as people your age get married have kids and seem to lose their identity in being a mini-van driving parent... did everyone become more alike? Only in the fact that they became much less interesting.

I know exactly how you feel. The wierdness when you really want to spend time with someone but, at the same time you'd rather everyone to just leave you alone