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Well im 22yrs old, I managed to fall in love with a childhood friend...once he was incarcerated. A few yrs down the road we were married this man is my heart n soul my everything the only mani have been w or ever will b w. he has been down 5yrs with 3yrs left....everyday it gets a little harder i get a little sadder. I live for phone calls n visit that are few n far between just lay in our empty bed n cry myself to sleep every night. I have no one really in my life any more because all of my friends and family dont approve of our relationship, everyone liked him just fine untill we got together tho. Hes not in prison for some horrific crime...repeat drug user on his 2nd strike
which i dont approve of but i love him even w his baggage. I have cn him 2 times in the past 3yrs. I havent gotten to hear his voice in well over a month n because its close to the holidays the mailroon is so slow it takes 2weeks to even get a letter. i just dont know what to do i feel so alone id chop my legs off if i could just be in his arms again...but anyways i was just wondering if theres anyone out there in this situation wanting to chat a little
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Girl stay strong, if you love him don't worry what any one says. It's your relationship not theirs. I know it's hard but keep the love in your heart..Good luck

I know exactly how you feel, my husband is 2 hours away from me, he just began his third prison sentence on January 8th of this year, and I am still trying to set up a way for my husband to at least call me once a week, I have no car, and I am disabled, none of my friends can help me out, I too feel alone here, my husband is a sex offender, he has been serving time on the same charges now since 1998, both inside, and on the outside (probation) his last stint, along with this one, are probation revokes, this is the first time since we have been together, that I have seen him in prison, yes I have friends that have been incarcerated, and still are, but when it's your husband, it's like the whole world collapses on you without warning

Sorry to hear. My husband has been in prison for many years. Make sure he is getting the help and the programs he needs so this never happens again. Staying out of prison is hard work. Good luck.