I Guess

I have always been kind of different from the others. I never really fit in anywhere.I thought that I wasn't different.

I'm in college now and I realized I am quite weird compared to other. 

I dress different, I talk about different stuff. I have never felt like myself around people, so I spend most of my time on my own, doing my own thing.

But I kind of don't like it. I wish I could feel like myself around people someday and not run away from people.

I guess I don't really classify as a 'loner', 'cause a loner is someone who likes to spend time on their own.


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1 Response Mar 8, 2010

Hey there Gaming! I used to feel this way too. My suggestion is to join classes and activities where you're made to be around others. It is pretty difficult to walk up to others and force a connection but if you join an activity this hard part is taken care of for you. Being in something like the drama club or dance will allow you to be silly and uninhibited so that you can find your middle ground. <br />
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Any activity that's shared will allow you to work with others toward a common goal and the conversations and rapport will inevitably form as a result. Be sure that's it's something you actually enjoy though so you have to pretend less. Some times we have to force who we truly are out of ourselves or trick ourselves into being the real us. Once you're engaged in an activity though you'll be having so much fun that at some point you wont even realize how effortless it will be to be you! :)<br />
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You're unique! - Don't deprive us of what you have to offer! <br />
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Your words and feelings were an exposure of the real you and guess what...it caught my attention! I like you and appreciate you for that. Your life paralleled mine so that made me feel not so weird and now you know you're not alone, there are others like you... they just happen to feel the same way but are sitting somewhere alone thinking about it :). <br />
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Nice to meet you Gaming.