I have yet to find anyone whose company I enjoy more than my own. I love my alone time and tend to get rather cranky if people intrude on it. Most of my co-workers and acquaintances would be shocked to hear me describe myself as a loner (they all call me the team cheerleader). I don't find it hard to speak to people and am always willing to give you a "hi" and a smile...but other than that....I am just not interested.
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Oh how I can relate to this, I love nothing more than being with myself and thoughts. People are surprise how friendly I am after a few mins of knowing me. I have a witty sense of humor and it just amazes people.<br />
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I always have a smile on my face and will never show I am having a bad day. I think before I talk and, listens to people. It is never about topping the other persons story.

my friend tells me the same thing...I always tell her it hurts nothing and takes 2 seconds of you time to speak. I hope that my smile and hi will make someones day because that's about all I have to offer before i climb back in my shell

i prefer my own time as well, and i am a loner!! i just feel that if i portrayed myself as being social, then people would see me as being someone im not, and i personally wouldnt want that!! i just find that i dont have a lot in common with people that are social!!!