L Have Always Been A Loner

I have always been a loner even though I have been married I found that it was the life I had become use to living being a lone without all the do this or do that in my life so I have been through some marriages and divorces but I will never go through it again, sure they said they loved me as long as I was giving them money and getting them whatever but after I stopped their love stopped and I divorced them but after the last marriage and divorce I said never again until one night I was online in a chat room where I met a Woman we chatted online and sent each other pictures then she gave gave me her phone #, we talked for hours and sometimes all night long after we had talked online and off I paid her and her teenaged daughters way down here and I thought the Woman and I were ment to be together, but after a week I flew back with them and spent a week there meeting her other kids from a previous marriage and I even paid for her divorce from her current husband which had no contact with her whatsoever then we flew back down here but after only to months I found out I was wrong about the Woman and her teenaged daughter and I sent them back where the Woman and her teenaged daughter lived before, of course the Woman still called me for a while but it stopped when she married a Man from there I think but as he was either at work or something she would call me or I would call her at a time we agreed on, but when it stopped I was in fact relieved, as the Woman and her teenaged daughter werr down here I had no control over the teenaged girl whatsoever which was the reason I sent them back.
mrasshole mrasshole
51-55, M
Apr 7, 2012