Being A Loner Has It's Advantages And Disadvantages, But It Is What It Is......

I am a loner because I like being alone, it's peaceful.  I like going places alone, then i don't have to worry about the person i'm with getting bored or an attitude with how long are we going to be gone, talking nonstop when i may not want to talk.  i'm adopted, and raised as an only child so am used to being along.  as an only child u are forced to be independent at a young age.  i don't like hanging around with too many women.  too many women equals too much drama.  i'm a one on one person. i don't need 3-6 people to hang out with.  i like staying busy: sewing, cleaning my house, rearanging my house furniture, making collages, meditating a lot and then doing/putting to use what was going on in my head, going to c a movie, cruising in my car 'round town running errands and listening to music.  i treat myself out to eat a lot.  i like driving 6 hours to go c my son.  i love quiet time, i love sudoku, i'm a busy body, i like staying busy.  i love positive people in my life.  i don't like drama, backstabbers, i just want to be alone and remain calm and peaceful in my settings.  i love music.  can't stand nosey people.  i took care of my mom b4 she passed.  i helped my mom function when my dad passed with helping her do what my dad used to do: pay bills, take care of important things that came up.  when my mom was ill i took care of her household and mine, and i was fine with that.  i don't dwell on, "that's too hard, i wouldn't do that."  if a certain something lands in my lap, i just get it done and keep it movin'
i love organizing things, ALONE.  when u wait on other folks' help, it don't get done, and never in your time frame or YOUR way.  if i'm not sure of something-- i ask.  i ask ONE PERSON. i don't need 10 others opinions, not unless i know those 10 have dealt with what i have a concern about now and can enlighten me on it now.  otherwise why tell it, by end of day, that person has told 15 other people, and then by time i get story back, it's not told the way i told the first person.  i was so shy growing up until i'd nod my head for yes, and shake my head for no, and no words would come out:)  my dad got me out of that.  i am a good public speaker, but am not the LIGHT of a party, and don't say much if i don't have to.   i am a deep thinker.  i have reunited with my biological family but we don't have anything in common, so i'm fine knowing where they are, and me still live my life. Being a loner has its advantages and disadvantages, but it is what it is.  Advantages because I love being alone and i know how to keep myself busy and occupied.  But disadvantages because at times everyone needs a friend or someone to talk to.  But, the few i loved talking to have passed on.  such is life, so i take things one day @ a time. 
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Awesomely said. I love solitude. I hate to be around people. For one, I don't trust people because they'll betray you the first chance that they get. Secondly, I don't need idiots putting their poisonous thoughts and opinions in my head. Peace of mind is priceless to me.

I agree completely. I LOVE being alone. I'm not a sexual person, so that obstacle is out of the way. I just turned 70 and definitely don't feel it. I am the last of a nuclear family. For one reason or another, I wasn't there to attend any of their funerals, or any funeral for that matter. JFK's funeral was the closest I came to a funeral. I see what the first 3 letters of funeral are and there must. Be a reason for it.
I have often been made to feel guilty by others about being alone, all to no avail. I don't make "apologies" for the simple fact that I enjoy my own company and am very comfortable being a solitary person. No drama. My imagination has ALWAYS been my BEST friend. After surviving being put in a foster home at the age of 7 I never experienced love from anther human. So being able to love myself, seems to be sufficient for me. I could never understand why people in real life and in the movies have such a hard time letting go, when the "relationship" is over, and it seems that ALL relationships end.
I have my Mac devices to occupy my time. I enjoy my reading, music and being able to prepare my own meals, as a vegetarian and save money by NOT eating out. It's been close to to 2 years since I ate out. I'm 5' 9" and weigh 144 lbs, almost my ideal weight. And I don't have diabetes or high blood pressure, so I must be doing something right. I have my own home, and have tried roommates both male and female, and it never worked out. Now that I DON'T need others for financial support I love the freedom I have and am able to get by on social security, money that I paid into and now can live off of. It's true, money doesn't bring happiness, as I have often heard. I can accept my own mortality, and have no fear of dying.
We come into the world alone and leave alone. I am at my most contentment at this point in my life and love the freedom of being able to make ALL my OWN decisions.

wow that was a fantastic article. many thanks!

For the most part, I completely relate. Well said. <br />
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I sometimes think there should be a separate or more specific category for people like us.<br />
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Hi. thanks fo reading me

I've never seen the loner concept captured more perfectly than in this story. I can relate completely.

hi. thanks for reading me

sometime i think that i'm just to independent. used to being alone, an only child, a very private person, at times i do think people mean well, but then again, sometime people just get on my nerves with INSTEAD OF being themselves, being too nosey and trying to pry in stuff that's none of their business. i dress nice and once a girl told me (she is a janitor) that she took a long while to approach me cause she thought since i had a good job at OUR jobsite, and dressed nice that i would not want to be bothered with a janitor. not true at all. i just like to dress nice, that's me. i don't and never have thought i was better than anyone, i was not raised this way. i'm the most giving person around, and u would think I WOULD NOT this way since i was raised an only child. when u are quiet, a tad reserved and stick to yourself, people at x wanna label u as stuck up, and i'm not that, i'm just quiet and to myself and very private. kinda need to venture out more with people i guess, cause the ones so very close to me have passed on.